Monday, January 7, 2008

Infidelity And Children

What do I do if my child learns that my spouse or I have been unfaithful?

If your child overhears or finds out that you or your partner's been unfaithful, and has become privy to this knowledge, that hopefully they shouldn't become privy to, it's important to sit down with your child and get them out of the loop, get them out of your triangle. You've got enough people in your triangle, get the child out. You need to let your child know that they're the child, that you love them, that Mummy and Daddy are going to work this out and not to worry, and how loved this child is. If the child is worried and scared that you guys might be falling apart, just go, "Mommy and Daddy love you, we're working on this. We'll handle it, don't worry. Don't worry, we're taking care of it, we're talking about it and we're handling it." because what's happening is that your child is scared that their world can fall apart. Your job is to ensure your child that their world will be safe no matter what, because you love this child, and you're going to protect them through anything at all.

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