Friday, September 19, 2008

Dating Strategies for the Single Father

All dates have one common characteristic. All dates involve a sharing of time by two

People, most often a man and a woman. During that interval, the couple shares more than time. Each member of the couple shares information that can reveal his or her true character.

How does a single father manage to meet a variety of women, thus widening the circle from which he might select a date? A single father needs to open his eyes to the women who are around in any setting. If a single father is devoted to his children, then his activities should increase his chances for meeting a potential dating partner.

Suppose, for example, that a single father must make a weekly trip to the local laundromat. Such a trip might easily be viewed as a sacrificial effort, a giving of time that could be spent watching a good ball game. A single father needs to accept the fact that no man met a potential date while sitting at home, in front of the TV.

In fact, a laundromat can be a good place to meet a potential date. Many women come and go during the time that a man spends at any laundromat. A single father should consider ways to strike up a conversation with a woman who appears friendly and attractive.

Now if you are a single father with a working washer and dryer please do not go to those machines and put them out of commission. There are other ways for a single father to meet a potential date. Both men and women go to health clubs. Join a health club and arrange to go there at a convenient time, maybe on the way to work, or on the way home from work.

Not all men relish going to a health club. Some men would prefer to read. If such a man is a single father, he should not feel like he will never meet a potential date. Women also like to read. Bookstores are a good place to meet a potential date. Today, many bookstores have a small café inside the store. The booklovers can get to know each other at that small café.

A single father should not hesitate to be himself. He should feel free to pursue those things that interest him. In that way he is more apt to find a partner who shares at least one of his interests.

Suppose a single father suddenly finds himself without a job. Is that the end of the world? It doesn't have to be. Perhaps fate will allow him to meet a jobless female with a similar background. Then maybe the two of them could join forces in the hunt for a new source of employment.

One bachelor in New Mexico almost snagged a girl by helping her look for a job. He and she had some very strange "dates." They worked together to convince the head of one research laboratory that they had the skills he wanted to see in a new hire.

A single father has an advantage over a bachelor A single father appreciates the benefits of companionship. Unlike the bachelor, a single father is not eager to "enjoy the single life."

The bachelor who worked closely with a young woman did not capitalize on his many unique dates. He did a poor job of taking advantage of several opportunities. A single father could have used his chances to great advantage. A single father might well have welcomed the day to day chance to interact with a woman with whom he had something in common.

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