Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Single Father

The ultimate survival guide for the single father would have advice for every conceivable situation. Such a guide would need to contain far more what I can cover in this article. For that reason, this article will focus on techniques that can help a single father to survive a specific seasonal event.

A single father often finds that he becomes most depressed during the holiday season. While the joy of Christmas giving seems to have filled everyone else's heart, the single father feels lost and alone. He frequently struggles to display a cheery attitude when his children arrive for a visit.

How can a single father best survive the demands and emotions that fill so much of the holiday season? How can he survive the onslaught of feelings that limit a single father's ability to show forth the expected holiday spirit?

A single man wants to do more than just endure the holidays. In order to derive pleasure from the holiday season, the single father needs to develop a plan. What should be incorporated into such a plan?

First, a single father should plan to spend the holidays in the company of friends or family. A single father usually gets to spend some time with his children during the holiday season. While the single father can anticipate company during a portion of the holidays, that companionship could leave him feeling even lonelier after the holidays.

A single father might want to identify events of interest that he could attend before or after the arrival of his children. A man can not easily feel alone, when he is with people with whom he has a shared interest. He generally finds that the time passes more quickly, when he is in the company of others.

Sometimes a single father might hesitate to attend any event during the holidays. He might feel out of place at such an event, unable to display the joy and enthusiasm coming from others at the same event. A man, who avoids social events because he feels guilty about his loneliness, will only feed that loneliness. The single father must get rid of all feelings of guilt.

Even with a decent social schedule, a single father can still have some empty time, especially during the holiday season. The wise single father searches for a volunteer activity in which to become involved. By making an effort to help others, a single father finds little time to consider how his life might be improved, if he could again become a happily married man.

Still the single father does not need to feel obligated to think only about others throughout the holiday season. In fact, a single father who seeks to please his own whims does his family a favor. The children of a single father want their father to be healthy and happy. They welcome any effort by him to acquire a more optimistic outlook on life.

During the season of joy, a single father should work on developing joyfulness. When someone is joyful, they can still have a certain amount of sadness. Yet such sadness comes from an outer influence. When a man has learned to be joyful, then he has tapped into an inner happiness.

Joyfulness should be viewed as a sign of strength. The joyful single father can offer his children a feeling of joy, even when he is a bit troubled. His children will then work closely with him to perpetuate situations that aid his "survival." They will realize that his survival represents what they need most.

Desiring such survival, the man's children can create a workable "survival guide."

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