Friday, September 19, 2008

Parenting Strategies for Single Parents

Single parenting comes with is own fair share of struggles and challenges. It also tends to come with its own rewards as well. If you're the only one available to make decisions for your child it may seem very overwhelming at certain times especially when it concerns discipline. On the other hand it tends to create an unbreakable bond between children and their parents.

If you're looking for better ways to cope with your single parent situation, try to remember these very important tips.

Stop Being too Hard on Yourself – No one is Mr. Perfect and you can't do it all on your own. Learn how to be kind to yourself and be understanding. You should also learn how to make mistakes and learn from these mistakes as well.

Take Care of Yourself
– Make sure you see a doctor on a regular basis and get the required sleep that you need. Make sure you also eat meals that are healthy and properly balanced. You should get as much rest as you can and take activities that are important in order to relieve your stress. Your children can't be properly taken care of until you feel absolutely well yourself.

Look For Help When You Need It – Whether the help you need comes from your family or whether it comes from your friends, you should know that it is something that everyone needs. Single parents need to overcome the need to do everything on their own. If you feel overwhelmed and tired you can simply ask another mom whom you know to take your children out for a while so you can rest. You should also offer to reciprocate whenever they need a break. If you have no idea how to handle smart mouthed teen, you should take some time out to ask necessary questions.

Be the Best But Don't Expect Perfection – No perfect dual families exist. If two people can't do it successful it won't be that easy on your own. Nobody is perfect and not everyone can be a perfect model parent. Learn to accept the limitations that you have as well as your imperfections and handle them.

Get a Routine - Children require flexibility and a routine in order to feel safe. One way that you can provide these feelings that they need is by setting up a routine or a schedule. You should do simple things like reading before you go to sleep or taking walks in the park on a Sunday afternoon, always give your children something that they can rely on and look forward to.

Slow Down – Life is hectic and it is important for you to sit down and think of what is important for you and your children and put everything else on the shelf. Make sure that you have some quiet time that all of you can enjoy together. Whether this is about reading together, watching sitcoms or eating a meal together.

Forgive – If you can't forget why you became a single parent you should learn to forgive your child's other parent. If you can't do it alone get the help of a counselor who can help you work through things.

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