Friday, September 19, 2008

The Good that Discipline Can Do

Taking a strong stand isn't a bad thing for parents to try and learn. Kids need discipline because it teaches them what acceptable behavior is and what it isn't. At certain times punishment may be necessary in order to impart what consequences are all about to children. However you should make sure that this discipline is kept short and you should respect the feelings of you child too. If you want to be strict it doesn't mean that you have to abuse or belittle your child. It's all about taking the lead so you teach your children how to behave in a proper, respectful and appropriate manner.

Too many parents have the fear that they may crush the spirit of a child or overwhelm them by placing too many limits on them. When they do this they refrain from discipline and the adverse effects lead to uncontrollable and disrespectful children later on in life.

Children need limits and they want them too. It makes them feel safe and loved at the same time. Children haven't yet understood how to control their urges and their desires and they need their parents as guides in order to know what is okay and what isn't. Discipline isn't just about creating well-behaved children; it's about creating children who are well-rounded and emotionally healthy as well.

Selecting the best form of discipline may be the toughest thing that a parent has to do. Each child is a different person and while time-outs may be suitable for some children, an appropriate amount of smacking may do well to get your point across. In order to deal with the discipline issues in your home you might want to follow through with these simple child development tips.

Respecting the Stage of Development of a Child

If you know why your toddler continues to play in the bathroom when you've told them not to several times, it may help you cope better with frustration and understand if your child is just being defiant or learning to explore the world in a way that is normal and natural.

Match Discipline to a Child's Level of Development

Toddlers can be diverted without much ado but older children may require a time out or some other type of discipline in order to get them to stop whatever it is that they're doing. You should try to learn what works best with a particular child's state of development so that you can get the best results.

Select Discipline that Matches the Child

Never use the same form of discipline with every child. Some children require a harsher form of discipline that other people. What will work for some people will not necessarily work for others.

A Great Role Model

If your child sees you losing your temper when you fail to get your own way, they'll pick up on the same thing too. Teach your children how they can handle frustration and disappointment by being a better role model.

Show Children Love and Tenderness

When discipline is over it is always good to hug your child and reinforce the fact that you care about them even when they disobey you. It can be very comforting to know that you are important to your parents even when you mess up.

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